The Intermediate School day is scheduled so that core instruction is divided into three ninety minute blocks of time (90 minutes Language Arts/reading, 90 minutes of mathematics, and 90 minutes for social studies/science). The social studies/science block have been scheduled as a single block to allow instructional flexibility. Teachers of science and social studies  teach each subject for 45 minutes daily.

    Weekly Cycle:

    The Intermediate School operates on a 6-Day cycle schedule. The days are identified as Days A-F. The first day of a new school year is Day A. Days continue to cycle consecutively throughout the school year. Interruptions in our calendar due to holidays, in-service days, and weather do not disrupt the cycle. For example, if the last scheduled day of school is Wednesday and it is Day B, and school is closed on Thursday and Friday for inclement weather or a holiday, then when students return on Monday is will be Day C.

    On each of the six days of the cycle, students experience one related arts course accounting for 45 minutes of their day. Physical education occurs on two of the six days in a cycle. Art, Music, Design 21 and STEM occur one time each during the six day rotation. Another 45 minute time block is dedicated to lunch/recess daily.