Online Resources

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    Why is this image funny?  Think about it... would Abraham Lincoln have talked about 

    the Internet?!  What does this picture say about trusting online resources?



    NEVER share your log-in information with anyone!


    Get in the habit of keeping this information 

    private and confidential.



    Spartan Docs, Google Classroom

    You will use this account to log in on Chromebooks, and you will use Spartan Docs and other Google tools within this account to receive, complete and submit work to your teachers.



    Pearson Realize

    This is the website that we will use to access information and resources pertaining to our new Pearon Common Core Literature curriculum program.  


    Spelling City

    You will use this website to play games and practice spelling and vocabulary words throughout the year. This will also be the site we use to take spelling and vocabulary tests.



    Study Island

    You will be responsible for completing Study Island assignments independently, on your own time, each marking period.  These assignments will help teach and reinforce concepts that will be prevalent on PSSA tests in the spring.