About Mrs. Hallman

  • About Mrs. Hallman


     Once upon a time, I had five little kids...  ... and then this happened! 

    What I love:  

    my family and friends, my community, kindness, mountains, quiet, books, experiences that make me laugh or think or feel deeply, music, theater, laughing, my pillow, riddles, inspiring quotes, animals, technology, the outdoors, old houses, movies, dancing, cool words, photography, colors, warm days with cool breezes, and warm campfires on cool evenings.

    What I could live without:  

    tough decisions, "no-win" situations, mushrooms and peppers, laundry, allergies, dog hair on the furniture-and-the-floor-and-my-clothes-and-everywhere, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, mosquitoes, mean people, anger, deer ticks, headaches, and pointy shoes.

    What I believe:   

    that each individual has special gifts, and that people are often dealing with things that we know nothing about; that respecting others gains us respect, and being as kind as possible is always the right thing to do; that asking questions and laughing are two critical ingredients to a fulfilling life; that apologizing, trying to see another's point of view, and believing in others will help others do the same for you; that forgiveness and second chances are more than fair; and that optimism leads us to take risks and reach for dreams.


    This is my family a very, very, VERY long time ago!!! :)


          I love my family, and we love to laugh together!

    Any questions?  Ask.