Science Chapter 1

  • Grade 5 Chapter 1 Science

    Chapter 1: The Nature of Science

    Dear Parent:

    After completing this chapter, your child will know about the practice of science.

    They will learn how scientists investigate, how scientists collect and interpret data, and how scientists support their conclusions.

    At-Home Labs

    You may wish to do the following lab at home with your child. It is easy and fun!

    Falling Water Carefully make a hole 2 cm from the top of a cup. Make an identical hole 5 cm below the first one. Hold your fingers over the holes. Fill the cup with water. Predict what will happen when you let go. Try it. Hold the cup high over a sink or tub. Observe. Try it again. State your conclusion.

    To learn more about Interactive Science and to see how your child is progressing through the program, go to

    Vocabulary Smart Cards

    Your child will learn these vocabulary words:

    accuracy control group data evidence experiment hypothesis

    inference observation precision procedures variable

    Help your child makes these words a part of his or her vocabulary by using them when you talk together about the nature of science. You may wish to use your child’s Vocabulary Smart Cards to play a memory game. Ask your child to use each word in a sentence.

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