Welcome Letter

  • Welcome to fifth grade,


            I’m looking forward to learning all about your children this year.  Their names are on many things.  Each time I see them I wonder which children like to work in small groups, and what their favorite kinds of stories are. I’m curious which children like football and who would rather peacefully read.  I will have lots of questions for them, and once I learn more about them I will be able to build the lessons based on their interests.

           I bet you are wondering about the upcoming year and me. I live with my husband in Allentown. Josh, my oldest son, works for a VOIP company in Arizonia. My middle son, Douglas, is a production manager for Filson in Seattle.  My younger son, Michael, has an MBA and is working as an appraiser. In addition, Michael and Josh own a web-based game company.  I have a poodle, Cassius, and there a bunch of fish that live in my little pond.  My hobbies include gardening and traveling.

                This year the children will be learning US history. They will start with the history of the Native Americans and end with the Westward Expansion. In science, the students will be working in a science program called Interactive Science. And they will be writing a number of reports and persuasive essays that relate to their studies.

                Yes, it will be work, but there isn’t a law that says work can’t be fun!

                Please check the agenda books or my homework site daily.  The children are required to write their assignments in the agenda books every day.  Homework slips will be sent home anytime someone forgets to do an assignment.  I usually don’t give homework on Fridays, but there may be a long-term project that needs to be worked on over the weekend.

                I am looking forward to working with you to make this a prosperous year for your child.




                Mrs. Lesavoy