Requested Supplies

  • If possible, each student should have the following supplies:
    1. One 2 1/2" Binder (This binder will be used for math, as well as Mrs. Dill's language arts work).
    2. One 3-Ring Binder...1/2 inch (one-half inch) for Social Studies (with plastic view slot on front cover for cover sheet insert)
    3. One 3-Ring Binder...1/2 inch (one-half inch) for Science (with plastic view slot on front cover for cover sheet insert).
    4. One package of 5 Tab Dividers
    5. One package of sheet protectors
    6. One marble composition book for Mrs. Dill's class.
    7. 8 pack dry erase markers...LABELED PLEASE. (Masking tape wrapped around with child's name written on the masking tape works well). Kids are ALWAYS losing them and this allows me to get them back to the rightful owner.... :)  They only need to carry two markers with them in school. Please keep the additional markers at home to replace the ones that run dry.
    8. Optional: Personal dry erase board (approximately 9" x 12")
    9. One SMALL dry erase ERASER or one old, clean sock to be used as a dry-erase eraser
    10. One 2-pocket folder WITH BRADS...for DESIGN 21
    11. A 3-hole pencil pouch that can fit inside the binder (No boxes please)
    12. One hand-held pencil sharpener with shavings catch
    13. One pair of scissors
    14. Red and Blue Pens throughout the year
    15. Highlighters throughout the year
    16. 1 package of colored pencils and/or markers throughout the year
    17. #2 Pencils THROUGHOUT THE YEAR....PLEASE
    18. Glue sticks
    19. 1 ruler with inches and centimeters to be used at home
    20. 1 Personal pair of ear buds (no headphones please) for use with laptops, iPods, or iPads