Mrs. Hower's Art Room Rules and Expectations

  • On the first day of art class, your child will receive a paper outlining the rules and expectations of the art room.  We will review these in class.  When you see this paper in your child's backpack, please read through it, ask your child any questions, sign it and have your child return the form to me. 

    When grading a project, I take into consideration my 3C's.....

    1.  Craftsmanship- The definition of craftsmanship according to the Oxford Dictionary is "skill in a particular craft."  I look for that skill within the creation of each project, however, moreso than skill, to me, neatness, pride in production and quality of the overall design are much more important characteristics represented through craftsmanship in a project.

    2.  Content - What concept has been taught?  Was the student able to recognize and use that concept within the creation of their design?

    3.  Creativity-  Did the student come up with the design for the project on their own?  Was is something different that I have not seen before?  Did they try something new?


    Studio Participation will be a separate grade.  Studio Participation includes, but is not limited; to cleaning up after yourself, working cooperatively with your peers, taking care of your art materials, getting work done in a timely manner and being a respectful member of the art room environment.

    If you have any questions or concerns about my rules and expectations, please do not hesitate to contact me at



    Joseph P. Liberati Intermediate School

    Mrs. Hower-ART

     Rules & Expectations

    Class Rules:

    1.  Come to art class on time and bring a positive attitude! 

    2.  Follow directions.

    3.  Use equipment, supplies and materials in an appropriate manner, as demonstrated by teacher.

    4. Act respectfully to teacher, other adults in the room and classmates.

    5.  ***USE KIND WORDS when talking about others’ art.  Art is a very personal form of expression.  You may not like what someone else has created, but keep any and all negative thoughts to yourself!


    Art is a required class at the Intermediate School.  You will be expected to complete any and all projects to the best of your ability.  You are responsible to work with the students at your table to keep your workstation clean.  If you finish cleaning early, please be kind to others and help where needed.



    You will be graded 2 consecutive marking periods.

    O—Outstanding (going above and beyond what is required

    S—Satisfactory (working right on target)

    N—Needs Improvement (needs reminders of expectations)

    I—Incomplete (too many incomplete projects/assignments)

    U—Unsatisfactory (not staying on task and/or following class rules & expectations)


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