'Students At Work!'

  • ~Welcome to the to the 2014-15 school year!!~

    Currently in the art room, here is what each grade level is working on:

    GRADE 4: Character Trait Trees!
        At JPLIS, all students learn and are expected to follow our Spartan 'R' positive behaviors: Ready, Resilient, Responsible, Respectful, Rule-Abiding and Rigorous. To help 4th grade learn these behaviors, our first project will combine these words and visual imagery into one cohesive design.
         We began this project by looking at three styles of art: Realistic, Stylized and Abstract.  Next, we looked at many paintings of trees that fell under all 3 of these styles.  The students then drew their own style of tree.  The trees were decorated with metallic colored pencils, glitter pens and colored pencils , using positive charter traits and filling in the empty spaces with patterns.
    For the backgrounds for these awesome trees, we looked at the work of illustrator Thomas Locker.  His books combine science and art and are beautiful representations of nature.  So we painted our backgrounds with watercolor paint and glued our trees on.

    What's up next for 4th grade???  PAINTING!

    GRADE 5: Elements of Design Name Art
        For this project, we started out by thinking about our summer vacation...ahhhh...what did we do?  What stuck out in our minds?  The students had to select an object that represented something that they did this summer and draw just the outline of that object.  It needed to be a recognizable 
    silhouette.  Once that was complete, the students filled the space inside with their name, written in bubble or block lettering.  From this point, we filled the space behind our letters (we call this "negative space") with patterns and designs.  This made our names POP!  To complete the project, we added color schemes to the entire backgrounds!  They look awesome...and we ended up using almost every Element of Design (and a few Principles of Design) within this one piece!  Look for them soon on the bulletin board outside of the art room!

    What's up next for 5th grade??? DRAWING!

    GRADE 6: Watercolor Memory Page
    These designs are similar to postcard pages!  We used watercolor paper and making tape to block off sections.  The students were to think about what they did over the summer.  In the sections, they were to make visual renderings of either places they visited or something they did.  We used water color paints to add color.  Once dry, we removed the tape.  This space that is now blank, is for our title and to write a summer synopsis.  I encouraged the students to try hand-lettering designs and offered several easy examples for them so their memory page might look a little on the fancier side.  To finish our pages, the students used sharpie to go over their lettering and detail in the painting to make it pop again.
    What's up next for 6th grade???  MINI SCULPTURES!