All About Mrs. Post

  •    I hope you enjoy school as much as I always have!  I graduated from Easton Area High School when we actually had typing class...on a TYPEWRITER! I then went to Kutztown University, where I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. I often used the pay phone on the corner of campus to call home, because I had no cell phone. These phone calls cost 10 cents when I went to high school, and 25 cents in college!

        Since then, I have earned my Masters in Education through Wilkes University. Whew! That took a lot of work! But I'm sure I'll begin taking classes again soon. After all, learning is fun, right?

         I have a wonderful husband, two children, a dog (a Golden Doodle, named Jewel), 5 chickens, and a desert tortoise, named Fredrick. In my free time, we all like to head to the woods for long walks. Well, not so much the turtle. I also like to read, and I like to cook. Oddly, I like to read cookbooks! I find recipes I like, then I experiment with them. My daughter enjoys cooking with me, and my son enjoys the final product. Jewel likes when we accidentally drop things on the floor!

         I hope you enjoy your school year as much as I do. Have fun, and keep reading! I think I'll go read to my turtle.