School Information

  • Schedule
    • Students attend Reading/Language Arts, Math, and Science/Social Studies each day.
    • SLIS operates on a 6-day cycle, designated by letters A-F.  Knowing the letter day is important so you know what special to attend.  At the IS, students attend Health/PE, Art and Design 21 during one semester and Health/PE, Music, and STEM during the remaining semester.  
    • Students go to the library once per cycle with their Social Studies teacher. Mrs. Anderson's class will visit the library on day C.
    We "R" Spartans

    “We ‘R’ Spartans” is a school-wide citizenship building program designed to encourage positive behaviors and social responsibility at Joseph P. Liberati Intermediate School. Citizenship behaviors are intended to promote student awareness, accountability, and success across the larger school environment (in classrooms, common areas, on the playground, and during school travel). The six R’s communicate and remind students and staff of the ideals that help to ensure a school atmosphere where all can learn. We are Spartans!                                   

    - Spartans are respectful of people and property.

    Responsible - Spartans are responsible in word and deed.

    Rule Abiding - Spartans follow rules to help ensure a safe and orderly school.
    Ready - Spartans are always prepared and ready to learn.

    Students know what it means to demonstrate these traits throughout our school building; in the cafeteria, at lockers, and even on the buses.  We will again be on the look-out for students who are demonstrating their Spartan R's as we continue our school wide positive behavior support plan. The Sparken store will be up and running again this school year!

    Special Education

    Please explore our department website to learn more about Special Education services within Southern Lehigh School District.