5th Grade Academics

  • This year, I will be supporting fifth grade students on the fabulous teaching team of Mrs. Anderson, Ms. Ott, and Mr. Fluck. You can learn more about these teachers by accessing their webpages through the shortcut links located to the right or through the "teacher pages" link on the SLSD website. 

    Please keep in mind that much information can be found on teachers' google classroom pages, not just their teacher websites. Your students will learn how to login to google classroom using their spartandocs account. If you would like to check things out, you can login using their information: 
    Username: sn24.lastf@spartandocs.org (last name first initial)
    Password: Slsd# (capital S + lsd + student id #)

    To check out other website such as AR, just leave off the "@spartandocs" portion of the username

    We are also lucky to be supported by Mrs. Muller! 

    Science Test- Chapter 6
    Friday, May 12th