Mrs. Wechtler's Math

  • What we're teaching: 
    Welcome to math class in 127! This page is designed to answer some common parent questions about what goes on in math class.  

    Our class is designed to allow students to receive the support they need to make meaningful progress in the area of math. To the extent possible, we will follow the 5th grade math curriculum. However, we will adjust the pace, sequence, and depth of our study to ensure that every student is able to experience success.  
            You can learn more about our district's third, fourth, and fifth grade math curriculum here. By now, you've likely heard a lot about Pennsylvania's Core Standards. While much of what you read on social media may be negative, as the standards lead to some shifts in how math is taught. I promise, many of these shifts are quite positive! If you care to read the standards for yourself, you may do so here

        You will notice that some assignments may come from the 4th grade level while other assignments may come from the 5th grade level. This is done intentionally so that fundamental skills can be introduced, reviewed, or strengthened before exposing students to the grade level standards. 

    Your child may report doing different activities in class than a friend, or even receiving different homework assignments.  This is probably true. Our classroom is a place where I strive provide every student with the instruction they need, and we don't always need the same thing.

    Need help?
    Remember that you can access Pearson SuccessNet to download worksheets, take review quizzes, watch instructional videos, and more.  Your child can login from home using the usual conventions (sn24.lastf and SlsdIDNUMBER) 

    If further support is needed, just let me know!

    A few words about homework:
    *Homework is typically assigned nightly, Monday through Thursday. It shouldn't take very long to complete. I am making a serious effort to reduce homework this year. 

    *It's OK to be wrong. It's not OK not to try. I don't expect homework to be perfect. I do expect best effort. 

    *Long-term assignments, called Tuesday Half Dozens, will also be assigned every other week. This provides an important spiral review while helping students learn important time-management skills. 

    *If your child becomes stuck on a problem, encourage them to use their resources (online textbook, notebook) to work through confusion.

            *Total math homework should never take longer than 30 minutes. If this is happening, your child is likely saving long-term assignments to complete at the last minute.