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    The following information will acquaint you with some of the homework procedures and policies for fifth grade.  Please read and review this with your child.

    Homework is an important reinforcement of what has been taught in school.  It allows students the opportunity to practice new skills.  The mistakes that are made in the homework allow me to see areas where students may need additional instruction in class.

    I ask that parents do not correct homework since a perfect paper does not reveal potential areas for review.  If you do work at home with your child on any assignment, please indicate so on the paper.  Your child is encouraged to see me first thing in the morning if there were difficulties with an assignment.

    Whatever work is assigned in class is due the next day unless otherwise noted.  Students have been given an assignment/agenda book to record this information.

    Students are expected to read at home each night for at least twenty minutes per session.  This is to be done in addition to daily required work and is a yearlong assignment.

    Forty-five minutes is a reasonable average for a fifth grader to spend on homework daily.  If the student consistently spends an hour or more per night on homework, contact me if you suspect one of the following problems may be present:

    • Time in class is not being used wisely.
    • The student is not using his/her time efficiently at home.
    • The student is having trouble understanding the assignment.
    • The teacher is assigning too much homework!

    Homework slips are given to students who do not complete or hand in assigned work on time.  Please check that your child has completed the work BEFORE you sign the slip.  The missed work and signed slip are expected the day after the slip is given to the student.

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