Grammar Grumbles


    rying, Emotion, Face, Scream,Grammar Grumbles     

      Attention 5th Graders and 5th Grade Families!!

    Be on the lookout for Grammar Grumbles coming home every     week this year!

    What are Grammar Grumbles?

    Grammar Grumbles are new to 5th grade this year.  They are a weekly assignment, Monday thru Thursday, that provide students practice in several areas of grammar- parts of speech, verb tense, punctuation, dialogue, usage, possessive nouns, synonym/antonyms, etc.  This assignment will be a spiral review of current grammar skills, previously taught skills and upcoming skills.

    How do Grammar Grumbles work?

    Students will receive a new Grammar Grumble every Monday.  The assignment is divided into four days- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  They are to complete the activities each night.  During the week, students will have the opportunity to do ONE “quick check.”

    “Quick Check”...what’s that?

    Within the week, students have the opportunity to submit their assignment for ONE “QUICK CHECK”. Their teacher will check through their work and simply give a check mark if the answer is correct.  The assignment will be returned to the student for errors to be fixed before it is handed in for grading.  

    How are Grumbles graded?

    Each of the questions has an individual set of directions.  It is the student’s responsibility to read and follow directions.  Each box answered correctly will be awarded one point.  All parts of the box must be correct to receive that point.  Each Grammar Grumble is worth  24 points.  

    What if a student doesn’t understand how to answer a question?

    It is important for students to understand the art of self-inquiry.  What do you do if you’re sitting around and want to know the capital of Brazil? You grab your phone and GOOGLE it.  Students need to understand that they are not expected to know it all, but they need to know how to find information on their own.  There are many ways to do this.  They can GOOGLE it, look in the dictionary or their grammar notes/notebook, or they can ask someone for help.  There will be questions on the Grammar Grumble that may confuse them.  Don’t just skip it and say, “I don’t know!”  Use self-inquiry and figure it out!

    This just seems like extra busy work.

    Trust us!!  This is not busy work.  Too many students learn grammar skills in isolation.  We teach the parts of speech in the beginning of the year,  and by winter break those skills are lost, or forgotten.  Grammar Grumbles will review  5th grade grammar throughout the year!

    Additional questions?? Feel free to contact your ELA teacher.