Homework Policy

  • Homework is assigned nightly.  There is not always something to hand-in, but there are things to work on.  Check your student's agenda.  

    Talk with them about what they are reading in class and independent reading.  Students benefit from any extra discussion.

    If your child becomes stuck on a problem, encourage them to use their resources (textbook, notebook) to work through confusion. Remember that you can access Pearson SuccessNet to download worksheets, take review quizzes, watch instructional videos, and more.  Login information will be reviewed at the start of the school year and your student should have a list of log-ins in their binder.

    If your child is unable to complete homework independently, please indicate on their paper that additional support was required. 

    Total math homework should never take longer than 30 minutes. If your child is taking longer to complete his work despite solid effort, please let us know.  If your student becomes frustrated at home one evening, please allow him to stop working and send a note indicating the problem so we can address it in school the next day. Kids need time to be kids. 

    That being said, they also need to responsible - If homework is not completed, your child will be staying in from recess to complete it. If incomplete homework becomes a habit you will be contacted.  Students need to practice their skills in order to improve.