Typical Homework List

  • Typical 4th Grade Assignments



    - Reteach & Practice pages from current lesson - unless otherwise noted
    - Study math facts - http://www.sumdog.com or flashcards - see my math resources for other activities


    - Tempting Tens - This is a spiraling review worksheet/PSSA prep.  Students are given one week to complete and they are encouraged to complete early and have it checked so that they can fix their mistakes.  This activity doesn't start until the 2nd marking period. Any questions, just ask!


    - DynaMath magazine - Students are only scored on completion, not accuracy.  Just give it your best shot!  If you need help, just ask.

    Reading/Language Arts


    - Read 20 min - Students should be working towards their Accelerated Reader (AR) goals which are due at the end of the marking period.  They need to be reading books that are at least a 3.0 reading level unless they have prior approval from the teacher.
    - Study spelling - Tests are usually every other week.  Lists will be sent home and posted on http://www.spellingcity.com


    Math - Tests after every topic, depends upon how many lessons are in a topic

    Reading - Usually every other week

    Spelling - Usually every other week on a Friday

    Grammar - as noted

    Science - Usually only 1 or 2 per marking period.  Study guides will be sent home a few days prior.

    Social Studies - Usually only 1 or 2 per marking period.  Study guides will be sent home a few days prior