• I will be supporting students from Mrs. Dill's, Mrs. Dickinson's, Mrs. Ruth's, and Mrs. Bauer's classrooms.  

    We will be using Pearson's Reading Street program to practice our reading comprehension skills in class.  See the link on the left for the link to the website and instructions for logging in.

    Other programs that your child could be using depending upon their own individual needs:

    Sonday - The focus of this program is phonics, syllabication rules and using prefixes and suffixes to strengthen decoding and fluency.

    System 44 - The focus of this program is learning the 44 different sounds of the English language to strengthen decoding.  

    Read Naturally- This program uses repeated reading to increase students’ oral reading fluency and sight word recognition.

    If you have any questions about your child's programming, feel free to contact me.