• Spelling
    Your child will either be using the Reading Street spelling lists or they will receive a list at their instructional level.  Check your child's homework folder and/or Spelling City website to see their assigned list.  Study packets are not routinely given out.  If you think your child needs a study packet and has not been given one, please contact me.

    Tests will not be given each week, check their agenda for when a list is assigned and the test will be given.

    Spelling City
    All students will be taking their spelling tests on the Spelling City website.  This website also offers unlimited practice activities.  You can also see your child's spelling test scores even if they have not been posted to Sapphire yet.

    Student Login required

    User Name: sn24.lastnamefirstinital  (sn24.hammr)

    Pasword:  Slsd id#(Slsd12345)

    *first S in Slsd is Uppercase