My Homework


    Fourth Marking Period AR Due: June 2nd 
    Goal points for this marking period: 

    4th & 5th grade: Each student's goal (English/Spanish) is based on his/her reading ability, reading speed/fluency, and previous AR performance.

    Monday thru Friday your child will write his/her homework assignments and upcoming activities in his/her agenda.  Parent(s) / Guardian(s) please check the homework agenda every night, and initial it to indicate that you know that the child did his/her homework.

    Homework assignments will be:
    • Collected
    • Marked 
    • Reviewed 
    • Corrected in class everyday
    * Students will take their homework back to study for the next test.

    PARENTS/STUDENTS: Please remember that homework counts towards your grade. Any incomplete/missing homework will lower your homework grade.
    • Turning in homework on the due date will give you full credit, whether it is correct or not.
    • Late homework WILL NOT be accepted.
    • Missing homework WILL LOWER your grade.

    If you have any questions regarding homework or class projects, please contact me via email: or by phone 610-861-4040, Ext. 1104 (after dismissal). 
    I will get back to you within 24 hrs.

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