Learning Styles

  • Everyone has a different learning style, what's yours?

    Visual Learning Style (learn best by seeing):
    * Draw diagrams and maps
    * Watch for key words written in notes
    * Use symbols and colors in notes to flag key concepts and ideas
    * Complete readings BEFORE lectures
    * Write down what the teacher says
    * Sit near the front of the room
    * Use flashcards
    * Draw boxes or circles around key terms
    * Make timelines or pie charts

    Aural Learning Style (learn by hearing):
    * Listen to books on tape
    * Sit away from doors, windows and other sources of noise
    * Repeat information silently to yourself
    * Study with music playing (music with no lyrics)
    * Read instructions and questions out loud to yourself
    * Use rhymes or jingles to help you remember important points
    * Tape yourself summarizing key points, then listen to yourself

    Physical Learning Style (Learn best by doing):
    * Use class breaks to stand up and stretch
    * Use fingers or piece of paper to keep track while reading textbooks or notes
    * Take a small object to class to play with in one hand, while the other takes notes
    * Ask questions and participate in class discussions
    * Write notes on cards, mix them up and practice physically rearranging them into the correct sequence
    * Break reading tasks into small chunks

    Verbal Learning Style (learn best by speaking):
    * Write summarizes of class notes in your own words
    * Work in groups to discuss material with classmates
    * Participate and ask questions during class discussions
    * Make tongue twisters, rhymes or limericks to remember information
    * Talk yourself through procedures and directions
    * Read important points aloud
    * Make important points dramatic when speaking

    Social Learning Style (learn best with others):
    * Form your own study group with others on a similar level
    * Explain or re-teach information to others, make sure they understand the material
    * Listen to how others solve problems, then try it on your own
    * Spend one on one time with your teacher

    Logical Learning Style (learn best by reasoning):
    * Make study guides into lists
    * Try to understand the reasons behind your answers
    * Take detailed notes
    * Create a "to-do" list when studying or completing assignments
    * Categorize or classify information

    Solitary Learning Style (learn best on your own):
    * Make personal goals for study sessions
    * Visualize and highlight key points
    * Set goals, objectives, and plans
    * Create a personal interest in your topics
    * Keep a study log or journal
    * Use online resources while studying