Advertising Application Guidance

  • Gaining Approval to Advertise for School Organizations

    1. First, you must receive Superintendent’s approval of the Advertising/ Partnership Request Form. Email the completed form to Anne Lobley:, or drop the completed form off at Central Office. Please note: ONLY ONE COPY OF THIS FORM IS NEEDED. If you will be soliciting multiple businesses, simply list the businesses you plan to ask for advertising funds and a range of amounts of funds requested.

    2. Secure an agreement for each advertiser/business that describes the details of the advertisement or partnership.

      1. The Southern Lehigh School District Sponsored/Supported Organization Advertising/Partnership Agreement or a similar record of agreement may be used.

      2. Submit copies of the final agreement(s) to the Superintendent's Office.

      3. Please note: You may also submit a spreadsheet or list of the vendors, amounts, and other other required information with the signature of each vendor as long as you provide each advertiser with details of required information as outlined in policy #918 or on the Sponsored/Supported Organization Advertising/Partnership Agreement

    3. This process is only required for business advertising. No approval is needed for the following:

      1. Donations made to school groups with no expectation or plan for advertising,

      2. Personal parental/family/friend notes of encouragement or congratulations to students,

      3. Items that fall under fundraising with no business advertising involved,

      4. Other exceptions as defined in Policy #918.