Curriculum and Providers

  • Following a review of multiple remote learning providers, the Southern Lehigh School District has contracted with the EdOptions Academy by Edmentum to create the SLSD Spartan Academy. 
    What is Spartan Academy? 
    The Southern Lehigh School District understands that the idea of returning onsite to school this fall may be of concern to some of our families. It is the goal of the SLSD to provide a high quality education to every student in our traditional face to face school environment or those enrolled in the Spartan Academy. The SLSD understands that certain students need an education that is flexible enough to meet their unique situations, while maintaining quality and credibility of their learning. 
    Why partner with the EdOptions Academy by Edmentum? 
    The EdOptions Academy by Edmentum is designed to deliver effective, rigorous, and research-based online learning to all students in grades K-12. The following links will help students, parents, and guardians develop an introductory understanding to the EdOptions Academy Program; 
    How did the SLSD select Edmentum EdOptions Academy? 
    The Southern Lehigh School District Team reviewed the current contracted remote learning provider while also completing an ongoing evaluation of additional contracted remote learning providers. The central focus of this comprehenisve review was identifying a remote learning provider that is able to provide a more streamlined and user friendly remote learning exeprience while ensuring opportunities to engage in remote learning that provides both synchronous and asynchronous instruction. 
    How will the courses be delivered? 
    In partnership with EdOptions Academy, Spartan Academy have developed a K–12 virtual school solution that is rigorous, engaging, and built to state and national standards. All the courses are taught online by highly qualified, state-certified teachers experienced in instruction. EdOptions Academy teachers have expertise in engaging and  connecting learning to real-life experiences and the program offers flexible program implementation and management designed for all virtual learning environments. We are committed to creating successful student outcomes everywhere learning occurs.  The EdOptions Academy teachers will guide students in the development of an understanding of class material and stay on track to achieve their academic goals. All EdOptions Academy teachers are certified in their areas of specialization and have at least three years of classroom experience. Our teachers communicate regularly with  partner schools, families, and learners through various asynchronous and synchronous forms.  Our internal programs allow for secure methods of communication, web-based systems to manage student grades, assignments, and assessments.
    What will Spartan Academy courses look like? 
    In partnership with EdOptions Academy, Spartan Academy courses will incorporate an engaging, age appropriate learning experience that emphasizes real-world applications. Students will be actively engaged and frequently interact with the content. The EdOptions Academy program focuses on an active learning approach that enables students to apply what they have learned, practice, and check their understanding. Much of the course content featues project-based learning (PBL) activities that teach 21st century skills for workplace effectiveness, helping students develop higher-order thinking skills, and increase course engagement through student agency
    Are online courses less challenging than traditional courses? 
    No, Spartan Academy has partered with the EdOptions Academy to ensure that the SLSD is able to offer a comprehensive K-12 curriculum that features diagnostic assessments correlated to rigorous state and national standards. The EdOptions Academy curriculum focuses on the employment of a variety of learning activities to actively engage students and foster critical thinking.
    My child needs extra support, how do they get it? 
    The EdOptions Academy teachers are available to provide instruction and support to their students as they learn to navigate virtual learning. Teachers are available for 1:1 support, provide weekly live lessons around content specific topics, provide on-demand help through teacher staffed live help sessions. 
    As a parent, how can I monitor my child's progress? 
    Parents are provided with login information so that they can see the progress of their student at any time.  All parents have access to pacing and progress monitoring tools to help students stay on track.
    What will the schedule look like for my child? 
    One of the primary reasons that families are considering an remote education is for flexibility, and safety. Each family should plan on 6 hours of “school time” each day and there are times where students will be required to attend live instruction lessons. That being said, there are other times that will be more flexible as long as due dates are met within each course.
    Will my child just be doing worksheets? 
    No, each of the EdOptions Academy courses are carefully curated, and deliver research-based curriculum designed to engage learners with the following focus areas; 
    • Problem-based activities and engaging projects that challenge students to apply what they learn in deeper, more meaningful ways 
    • Exposure to engaging activities designed to meet the needs of diverse learners, including videos, audio content, and problem-based interactive lessons and virtual labs 
    • Instructional approaches are designed for students whose families are enthusiastic about partnering with educators and facilitating a highly personalized learning journey
    Are the EdOptions Academy Courses NCAA Approved? 
    Yes, the Edmentum EdOptions Academy features courses that have been granted National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) approval. By partnering with Edmentum, the Southern Lehigh School District can offer SLSD secondary students remote learning coursework via the Edmentum EdOptions Academy that meets the needs of any student seeking the ability to compete at either the Division I and Division II athlethic level.
    Is the EdOptions Academy Accrediated? 
    Yes, the EdOptions Academy by Edmentum is a fully-accredited K-12 virtual school program that provides rigorous courses paired with high quality virtual instruction. The EdOptions Academy features;
    • Robust and engaging courses, that meet PA Academic Standards
    • Pennsylvania Certified Teachers 
    • A remote learning program that is both flexible and engaging with synchronous and asynchornous instruction