• School Building Air Quality Precautions for COVID-19

    All Southern Lehigh School Buildings have been designed to meet ASHRAE standards for continuous air filtration and the introduction of filtered outside air into all classrooms and occupied spaces in our five schools.  In addition, the following steps are being taken as enhanced efforts to combat COVID transmission in our schools.

    • Building ventilation and filtration will operate 100% of the time during occupied periods. 
    • Energy conservation measures that reduce outside air exchange to classrooms has been eliminated
    • All HVAC equipment was check and will be monitored through an advanced control system for proper operation.
    • Failure of fans and outdoor air dampers shall take the highest priority.  If failure occurs, students will be moved to a location with proper airflow while repairs are made in the classroom.
    • Classroom air will be filtered with the highest MERV rating possible for the proper operation of equipment.
    • Outdoor air circulation will exchange indoor air multiple times per hour.  At no time should air exchange fall below ASHRAE levels for occupied buildings. 
    • COVID-19 procedures shall be instituted for confirmed or probable cases.  Those procedures require opening outside air dampers 100% along with a thorough disinfecting of the classroom before students return.