• Mission

    Educating today's learner...for tomorrow's opportunities.



    In the pursuit of excellence, the Southern Lehigh School District has created a culture of innovation and creativity empowering students for a brighter future in a global society.

    The Southern Lehigh School District vision is one where:

    • The District strives to meet the needs of all students.
    • Our programs provide challenging, relevant learning experiences for the community of learners.
    • Students are actively engaged in learning twenty-first cnetury skills including:
      • Core subjects and 21st century themes
      • Learning and innovation skills
      • Information, media and technology skills
      • Life and career skills
    • Rigor, relevance, and relationships are the keystones of our competency/ standards based programs.
    • Data-informed decision-making guides our path to continuous improvement.
    • Communications among our community of learners is open and engaging.
    • Students are offered opportunity and choice in learning.
    • We collaborate with partners in Pre k-20 institutions, businesses, and community organizations on a local, regional, national, and global level.
    • Teachers and administrators are dedicated to high expectations for themselves and their students and model the skills they inspire students to achieve. 


    Shared Values

    We believe:

    • Society Benefits when people act responsibly and respectfully.
    • All people can learn.
    • High expectations promote high achievement.
    • Environment impacts upon learning.
    • Education is a fundamental partnership among individuals, home, school and the community.
    • The commitment of resources to public education provides long-term benefits to society.
    • Continuous improvement is achieved by promoting and managing change effectively.



    1. Academic Proficiency
    2. Communications (Internal and External)
    3. Highly Effective Teachers