2023-2024 School Lunch Prices

Meal Options

  • Meal Deal - Your Child's Best Value

    Meal Deal must include 3, 4 or 5 different components to complete the Meal Deal.  If at least 3 proper components are not selected for a complete meal deal, students will be charged a la carte prices. Students at the Elementary and Intermediate levels can choose the main entree or one of the available alternates to create their meal deal. Students at the Middle and High school levels may choose the main entree or one of the available A la Carte items offered to create their meal deal.

    **Continuing for 2023-2024 - USDA regulations make it mandatory that students take a fruit AND vegetable serving with their lunch for it to count as a type-A reimbursable meal. We must enforce these rules. If students do not take a fruit or vegetable serving they will be charged at a la carte pricing.

     Components include:

    • Meat or meat alternative
    • Bread/Grain
    • Fruit
    • Vegetable
    • Milk 

    Examples of combined components: Pizza (bread/grain & meat alternate), Chicken Patty Sandwich (bread/grain & meat), Deli Wrap with Chicken or Tuna Salad (bread/grain & meat).

    An example of creating a meal deal: A student may grab a slice of pizza from the pizza line, add a bag of baby carrots, and that makes a complete meal (3 components: 1 bread/grain [crust], 1 meat alternate [cheese], and 1 vegetable [baby carrots]). Students are encouraged to take all 5 components. In this case, they would only need to add a fruit selection and a milk.

    Offer vs. Serve

    This allows the students to choose what they will eat. They may reject (1) or (2) of the (5) lunch meal components to make a complete meal deal. If items are refused, there is no reduction in price. Students have the right to decline any food items.  

    Gluten Free Meal Information

    The gluten free menu is posted with the regular menu on each school's homepage.

     ***PLEASE NOTE - The Gluten Free Menu Selection is only available to those students who have turned in the Medical Plan of Care form, listing the need as such, by the student's physician and signed by the student's physician. Requests made by parents cannot be honored.